Thursday, May 20, 2010
The Long Awaited Post

I'm back! After a gazillion years! =X Totally forgot about this blog of mine. Been pretty lazy and glued to facebook instead =p

Nearly went bald when my comp gave problems while I was doing my work T_T Felt like throwing it out of my window -.- Seriously. I think I go conned by that shop that sold me my computer! Argh, so much for a better choice for self-assembled comps. Booooo =(
Now my comp's casing is permanently open, due to the overheating of graphics card, which gave my comp a very nice blue screen one night -.-
Open casing + big stand fan blowing at it is the only solution now I guess. Unless I spend another hundred bucks or two to get a brand new card for a replacement =(

Nearly had a heart attack when my MP3 player thumb-drive which I use to store my work, died on me. But it recovered after like, say, 10 minutes? Thank god =p

I will, do more updates! When I'm not so lazy =p hehe. Maybe a new skin and tagboard. Its flooded with unwanted posts =.=

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Thursday, July 30, 2009
Goodwood Park durian buffet

OOOO This is the heaven for all durian lovers!
Durian buffet at Goodwood Park Hotel!
The buffet costs $19.80 per head. And its valid till aug 2009! >.< Quick try it xD

Here are some pictures of the desserts~

Durian Cake

Durian Strudel

Durian Oreo Cake

Durian Pandan & Coconut Cake

Durian Puff

Durian & Crunchy Hazelnut Tartlet

Durian Roll

Durian Crepe

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Saturday, July 25, 2009
Bamboo Fun Tablet

I found a new goal! To work and buy this drawing tablet! That costs freaking $299 bucks T__T But it will be a good investment, if i really want to enter the graphics designing industry :D

Here's the tablet!

from Wacom Singapore

But, was talking to mum. She said she can sponsor me this tablet WOO!!
A stepping stone to my dream job! I shall work and save up to go for the Multimedia Technology and Design course at UniSIM! To my goal! Cheers!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Tired of You by The Exies

Sigh, Mozilla Firefox can't load Restaurant City on Facebook T__T no idea why. It just won't load, and my Internet Explorer just keeps, crashing and crashing and crashing -.- Pissed the hell outta me. Kevin recommended Safari. Downloaded it, and got it up and running! Much better, faster, smoother and less problems. =) Now I have 4 different browsers in my comp lol! There's default IE, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome. XD 1 thing I like about Safari and Google Chrome is their wide browsing area. Much larger than Firefox and IE. But, on the downside, because Google Chrome is newer, some flash games are not supported. =(

I suddenly have this liking for soothing songs. Not into disco or techno. This song's currently my favourite~ :D

Where did I go wrong?
I can't look you in the eye
Feeling so ashamed
It feels like I could die

Hold me up and don't let go
I've had enough
I'm tired of breathing
Tired of feeling
Tired of looking at the past for meaning
Tired of running
Tired of searching
Tired of trying
But I'm not tired of you

Losing everything
It's something I can't face
Hope is on the run
It's something I can't fake

Hold me up and don't let go
I've had enough
I'm tired of breathing
Tired of feeling
Tired of looking at the past for meaning
Tired of running
Tired of searching
Tired of trying
But I'm not tired of you (x3)

I want to feel a change
I don't mind if it hurts
You take away the pain
You're the only thing that's pure

I'm tired of breathing
Tired of feeling
Tired of looking at the past for meaning
Tired of running
Tired of searching
Tired of trying
But I'm not tired of you

I'm tired of breathing
Tired of feeling
Tired of looking at the past for meaning
Tired of running
Tired of searching
Tired of trying
But I'm not tired of you (x5)

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Saturday, April 04, 2009
New DSi Console

Okay, I've been busy and then lazy. LOL Lazy to crop photos, upload them and post them here =x WAY too many. Got into Lazy mode after FYP XDDD

Anyway, was checking out what new games were there for NDS, and came across this Ad. This Ad was advertising this shop called GameStop. For just $70 + trade-in of your old NDS console, you can get the new DSi console.

I went to check it out. The new DSi. I've been pretty outdated =x Did hear about the new console last year, which has additional functions, which included the camera and wider screens. I did not do a follow up after that, until today.

Read up on the new DSi functions at Looks abit queer to me. Guess because its a new release, it only came in 2 colours, unfortunately =( I was hoping for another pink or purple console =X But, there were only black and white.

One thumbs up for the new DSi is, it has a bigger screen for me to scratch! LOL! yea bigger than DSl's by 0.25" haha. And woo~ There's a music function, and one can take pictures with the new DSi, although, the camera is a traditional one. All the pictures will be saved in a SD memory card.

The other thumbs up is, the new built-in browser! Cheerios!
On the downside, the GBA slot will be removed, so it'll lose its backward compatibility with the previous GameBoy games. But still, it does not affect me much, since I do not have any GBA game cards =X Quite ugly when it sticks out of the DSl, since the cartridge is rather large. =.= Tried it when I borrowed "Harvest Moon" from a friend to play.

Maybe I should trade in mine too +_+ See how it goes~

Here's a pic of the new DSi, taken from

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Thursday, January 08, 2009
Birthday Bash~

2nd Jan, Friday, 2009
Celebrated an early birthday with Da Gong Zhu, Xue and Rain. Could not decide where to eat, thus, Da Gong Zhu and I walked around Raffles City Shopping Centre and chanced across Aerin. We entered at 6pm, an hour earlier than the arranged meeting time.

In the meantime, we ordered 2 drinks and a starter. Da Gong Zhu ordered "M's Affair" (the cup of green juice), which is a mixture of mango, peach and blue curacao. I on the other hand, ordered "Crystal Ruby" (the cup of pinkish juice), which is made up of promegranate, peach and grapefruit juice. "Cystal Ruby" was sour o.o; "M's Affair" on the other hand, was surprisingly tasty.

The starter was "Prawn Poppers". Not a bad dish, but the outer layer of crispy flour, was alittle too hard.

Had main dishes of Black Cod and Bangers and Mash.

Black Cod's alittle pricey. $28. But, absolutely delicious *drools*

Bangers and Mash is great too! I had to retake the picture 3 times LOL. The first attempt was awful. Made the food look like......lumps of poo =x

Rain was late, so we decided to go to MOF(Ministry of Food) to have dessert instead. On the way, Da Gong Zhu fluttered into Charles and Keith at CityLink to try shoes LOL. Xue was impatient, obviously. Its all written on her face! XD The moment we
stepped into Marina Square, Da Gong Zhu pointed at Charles and Keith. Xue was screaming "Noooooo, don't need to try shoes already. They're all the same!" LOL

Ordered desserts! Yummy!

Rain ordered a california roll.

Took pics of everyone eating their desserts~

And a group picture taken, with the help of a staff from MOF. Quite a nice service. He offered to help take a picture when he saw us attempting to take one by ourselves (:

The colour of the green tea got darker as we poured! Lol!

Not to forget!!!!!! My favourite japanese glutinous rice ball!! DELICIOUS!!

After which, we went to The Esplanade. Took some crappy pictures and fooled around before heading home (:

Da Gong Zhu was trying to steal the limelight! CAUGHT ON CAMERA!! *points*

LOL, rain's so fortunate. 左擁右抱 LOL =x

All 4 of us, trying to squeeze into the picture!

Rain took a pic of the live band playing that night.

And thank you darlings~ For the Cinnamoroll items! So CuTE!! X3 Love it :D

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Haven't been updating, as usual =x hurhurhur. Life's still as busy/tiring/slack/lazy lol. Been called a no-lifer by my bro -__- Look's who is calling a no-lifer!! omg!
Christmas' fun~ Been shopping with Da Gong Zhu alot. Shopping for Chinese New Year clothes XD Bought 2 pairs of Foxs jeans~ 1 pair of white high heels from Charles and Keith! Da Gong Zhu bought so much more! =x

<3 Those who gave me presents~ Thanks~

From Da Gong Zhu~ PURPLE~ *crazy*

Necklaces from Bunny~ Stars are so cute >.<

PURPLE!! Box from bro!

Bracelet + watch in 2 in 1!! from Duckie! I've gotta say the real thing looks so much better and nicer than the pic he sent to me -.-"

I-Dog from Hammie! LOL damn cute lo. Dances with the music! I've gotta move it move it!

Necklace from my aunt o.o

Got a Dragon necklace and nice new $20 note nicely packed in plastic to prevent it from bending, from my uncle Vincent~

Lol, so many necklaces this year =x

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